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Cabinet maintenance skills

  • Release on :2017-10-31
1. Avoid the water on the countertop and soak it into the door panel.

2, door hinge and handle loose and abnormal sound, should promptly adjust or notify the manufacturer maintenance.

3, solid wood door to use furniture wax cleaning and maintenance. The crystal door can be wiped with warm water or neutral detergent.

The bearing capacity of 4, OTC tend to be under the cabinet in the cabinet, so suitable for the placement of light articles, best placed in the cupboard under the weight.

5. The containers placed in the cabinet should be cleaned and put into use. In particular, the utensils must be dried.

6. The hardware in the cabinet is wiped with dry cloth to avoid water drop on the surface and cause water mark.

7. The sink can hold the inner filter box in advance to prevent the crumbs and tiny debris from blocking the water pipes.

No matter what kind of material made of the whole cabinet, mesa is afraid of high temperature erosion. Therefore, in use, attention should be paid to avoid hot pot, hot water kettle directly contact with the cabinet table. The best placed on the pot rack, try to avoid using sharp objects to mesa should be operated in order to avoid scratches. In addition, the chemical substances on a large number of materials of the overall cabinet mesa erosion, so after use immediately to the cabinet table cleaning. For example, stainless steel cabinet table with salt is likely to rust, so they should also pay attention to avoid soy sauce bottles and other items directly on the cabinet table; also artificial plate should avoid water stains stranded for a long time on the table.