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How to make your kitchen healthier

  • Release on :2017-12-07
Kitchen is one of the most important places in life, but in the kitchen, all kinds of kitchen(best kitchen cabinet brands 2017) utensils have different functions and functions, and scientific use is very important. Otherwise, it will not only be harmful and not beneficial. 
On the one hand, aluminum bogey  long-term Sheng meals, because the chemical nature of aluminum is very lively, very easily oxidized in the air to generate alumina film. Alumina film insoluble in water, but can be dissolved in acidic or alkaline solution. Salt can also destroy alumina. If the soup, food, long-term aluminum containers, not only will destroy the aluminum products(China kitchen cabinet supplier), and soup will dissolve more aluminum molecules. These aluminum molecules and food undergo chemical changes to produce  aluminum compounds. Long-term eating foods containing a large amount of aluminum and aluminum compounds, will undermine the body's normal calcium and phosphorus ratio, affect human bones, teeth, growth and metabolism, but also affect some digestive enzymes, gastric digestion decreased. Therefore, aluminum bogey long lasting meals. Best not to use aluminum pan cooking or burning soup. 
On the other hand, plastic cooking utensils avoid oil products, plastic tableware taboo: bogey put food too long, after each use should be washed immediately put away. Avoid oil products Sheng. Because soft plastic foodstuffs with poor oil resistance, easy to grease pollution. Bogey put fresh fish. Due to the strong odor absorption characteristics of soft plastic food utensils, it is very difficult to remove fishy smell after putting fresh fish. Avoid booming water. Soft plastic food has the disadvantage of high temperature, bogey with boiling water or boiled hot water.
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