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Selection factors for cabinets

  • Release on :2017-10-09
On the market today is all kinds of cabinet products, a lot of people in the process of buying cabinets in the hand be riotous with colour display dazzling, on the other hand has been Daogouyuan enthusiastically recommend going to "Yunshanwuzhao", I hope there is a relatively simple kitchen solutions.

First, pay attention to the five elements of the cabinet


Material of poor quality will cause the cabinet to be damaged in a short time. It will affect the appearance and the practicability, but the material will be the opposite, but the price will be higher.

Cabinet work should be tight, compact, used to be stable, not neat, not tight, rickety, certainly there is a problem.

It's very subjective, totally personal, for example, popular, fashionable, classical, Chinese, European, etc..

A subjective aspect of the choice of appearance. However, the purchase or customization, or to consider the overall atmosphere of the kitchen in harmony.

Material is the core of the cabinet, different materials, levels vary greatly. Quality artificial stone environmental protection and mildew, buy cabinet when the contract details should be seriously considered, because when the product problems, the contract flaws will lead to damage to interests.