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Do you know how to install the floor?

  • Release on :2017-06-12
"Three points floor, seven points installation", it can be seen that floor installation is so important.Floor installation is one of the hard fitting parts in the decoration of the house. It usually refers to the installation of wooden floor. Through reasonable floor installation, it can not only make the room more quality. But also can play a certain anti-skid, dust-proof, easy to clean and so on. Floor installation is commonly used in the living room, study room, dining room and other living room.

At present, common floor mounting methods include suspension laying method, keel laying method, plywood keel laying method and direct pasting method.Each method of laying has its advantages and disadvantages.

Suspension shop, no pollution, easy maintenance. The floor is not easy to arch, easy occurrence of sheet deformation, gapping, or local damage in Shen, easy to repair and replacement, even if the move or accidental water immersion, after removal, after drying, the floor still can be laid.

Suspension shop, apply to the floor, double mouth floor, all kinds of connecting pieces, solid wood flooring. Generally should choose the tongue groove tight, bottom seam smaller floor. The advantages of this paving method are outstanding: simple laying and shortened construction period.

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