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How to choose floor suitable for floor heating?

  • Release on :2017-06-12
There are many kinds of flooring on the market, but not every floor serves as a ground floor. In general, solid wood composite flooring, laminate flooring are more suitable for geothermal floor. Choose floor heating floor, need to meet the four elements: heat conduction, thermal insulation, stability, the use of abrasion resistance, environmental protection.

Floor heat transfer to the surface through the floor, there will be heat loss, the ideal floor heat conduction, good insulation, can minimize these losses.

Test method: check the cross section of the floor, and judge with the naked eye whether the quality of the floor is meticulous and close, that is, whether the wood density is high. Wood density is higher, floor heat preservation is good, more suitable when ground floor uses. At the same time, the same material, the thicker the material, the slower the heat conduction, insulation better, otherwise, the faster the heat conduction, heat dissipation is also fast. Therefore, in order to reduce heat loss, floor heating panel thickness is best not more than 8 millimeters, the maximum can not exceed 10 millimeters.

More about building materials selection strategy, please continue to pay attention to China building materials factory build new house solution.