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Choose fashionable ambry board is very crucial

  • Release on :2017-07-25
High quality cabinet (Home improvement supplier) door panel is straight, the gap between door panels is even, the door panel edge is clean and tidy, without glue and other stains left behind. Look at the quality of the plate, the edge should be delicate, smooth, feel good, flat, vertical, joint fine, evenly coated. 

Some brand (best kitchen cabinet brands 2017) products will use the linear edge banding machine to complete the edge, breakage, trimming, chamfering, polishing and other processes, pressing edge pressure stability, and the use of electronic saws through the computer input processing size, choice of materials is controlled by computer the size precision, board size precision stable performance out of the very high tolerance unit at um, and the board edge chipping phenomenon does not exist, stable quality. 

In addition, consumers should also pay attention to the thickness of the plate when buying cabinets. The plate on the market at present there are 16 mm, 18 mm thickness and other specifications, the thickness of the different costs vary greatly, only this one 18 mm thick 16 mm thick plate than the high cost of a 7%.18 mm thick plate made of cabinet (build new house solution) service life can be extended more than doubled, to ensure that no deformation door to protect the table does not crack. When consumers look at the sample, we must seriously understand the composition of the material, so that we have a pretty good idea.