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Do you notice these misconceptions about wood flooring?

  • Release on :2017-06-21
Just begin to contact the wooden floor ( China Home appliance supplier ), are sure to receive a lot of information, which confuses our true, real wood floor cognition. Here are a few common mistakes about buying floors. I wonder if you've seen these mistakes?

Only buy, not laying

In fact, some, contact the floor knowledge that the floor has been a word: three floor, seven installation. See how important the installation skills are to the floor. There are many ways to lay down the floor. There are herringbone, fishbone and so on. No matter what kind of shop they use, we must choose a good construction team.

Fastidious color, texture consistent pursuit

No two identical leaves in the world, wood is the same. The floor ( build new house solution ) panel is natural wood, trees because of different planting sites, sunlight exposure is different, temperature and humidity are different, so the wood color will be different.

Floor material there are dozens of dazzling, and the price, performance, materials of different species are different. However, this does not mean that the more expensive species, the better the performance, consumers should be based on their own living environment, decorative style, personal preferences and economic strength and other circumstances to buy. building materials manufacturer China of CBMMART's flooring series is of high standard and high quality, which is a very good choice for you.