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The floor matches the furniture, starting with color

  • Release on :2017-06-21
Floor ( build new house solution) color matching, if you choose the right, there will be unexpected results, especially in the hot summer, the choice of light color of the floor, with bright colors home, a cool home naturally out. Neutral color is always the mainstream color, but if properly matched, dark and light colors can achieve the desired effect.

Ground color to set off the color of furniture, and to calm and soft as the main tune, because the ground decoration belongs to the permanent decoration, under normal circumstances will not often change, so choose a more neutral color. From the tone, light colored furniture with deep color floor (China Home appliance supplier) any combination, but the collocation of dark furniture and dark floors will have to be careful to avoid the "black" depressing picture.

Some householders are willing to mix white walls with dark brown floors, which makes the floor look dark. If the walls are made of beige, the walls and floors will be easier to come by and the space will be larger. Simple style, fresh and elegant.

Colors will affect the visual effects, for the expansion of warm colors, cool colors for the contraction color. Therefore, the small area of the room, the ground to choose dark cool colors, or simple and crisp floor, so that people have an enlarged sense of the area. If you choose the warm color of the floor, it will make space more narrow, increasing the sense of depression. In addition, in the choice of color, should be inclined to small texture or straight line effect, to avoid large and disorderly patterns.

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