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How about the size of the sofa?

  • Release on :2017-07-18
The living room sofa (China sofa supplier) is the most eye-catching large furniture, so it is related to the choice of the living room style, taste and atmosphere, the correct choice of sofa collocation will be the living room decoration will be bad punchline, make the whole living room feeling greatly reduced, affecting the entire body appearance, so consumers in the purchase of the sofa must be cautious. 

Sofa size is appropriate, relative to the size of the living room to determine, can not be absolute conclusion. More than 60 flat large-sized apartment may have a separate living room. It is best not to use the sofa (building materials manufacturer China) sets this time, but can move freely and combined, and the backrest cannot split the sofa is too high, the number had better not exceed three, otherwise let the small room looks very crowded, even messy. 

60-100 flat small apartment layout usually living room area are not less than 12 square meters, suitable for two medium volume or three sofas, suggest to buy split sofa, can be flexibly combined with 1+3, 2+3 or 1+2+3 according to the size, beautiful and practical. 

More than 100 flat large-sized apartment living room generally to more than 30 square meters, it must choose the larger size, the sofa (China classic furniture supplier ) surface should be long enough to be able to type the whole sofa in the living room of the gas field. This size is not enough to allow multiple single sofas into such a large living room, because it will be like a sofa showroom.