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Bathroom decoration can not ignore the details(part 2)

  • Release on :2017-06-01
As you all know, bathrooms are a very important part of home improvement. If the bathroom is not decorated well, it will be both inconvenient and impractical.
The last news describes the bathroom decoration can not be ignored part of the details, then next to sum up another part of the need to pay attention to.

1, waist and tiles to plan in advance
Bathroom tiles with waist and tiles to plan in advance, good size, with a good color, Is a factor to consider. to avoid the installation of other things after the visual conflict.

2, the ground slope of the water can quickly flow away
Although the bathroom area is small, but the ground pavement or to pay more attention, we must do a good leak, paved tiles. If you use the deodorant floor drain or ultra-thin leakage, will greatly increase the difficulty of drainage. At this time may wish to design the toilet floor slope larger, so that water can quickly flow away, so that the toilet often keep dry, clean.

After confirming the details of these need to pay attention, the bathroom decoration of the aesthetics and practicality will be greatly improved. Maybe you can refer to building materials manufacturer China or China shower room supplier. They will help you to achieve the requirements on the decoration