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How does wooden floor meet these conditions?

  • Release on :2017-06-21
The wood floor (China Home appliance supplier ) has become an important part of the decoration of the entire renovation completed, the effect of major, if bad or improper construction and maintenance is not in place, are vulnerable to all kinds of problems in the later use. Xiao Bian today analyzes these conditions and introduces some solutions.

Grassroots grievances or the wood floor quality is not high enough is main reason for the uneven paving. Laying, construction personnel should be equipped with level feet, in case the problems can be adjusted in a timely manner. To avoid this problem, in fact, the main thing is to look at the material.

There are two main reasons for joints is not close. One is the material problem, the plate size difference is too much, or the edge angle is not straight, may cause the seam is not tight. Another important reason is that the builders are not careful enough, in the laying process, we had better be able to supervise the construction site to ensure that construction specifications.

Local outstanding drum main reason besides board damp deformation, and wool board seam is too small or seamless, in use, water soaking wet floor caused by Water Leakage. Floor ( building materials manufacturer China ) after paving, in daily use, to prevent water flow into the lower part of the floor, should promptly clean up the surface layer of water.