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Good or good wallpaper and wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper, what is the difference between

  • Release on :2017-08-07
Rich and colorful life rich and colorful decoration design, a single decoration can not meet you build a dream house heart, then you will want to import more with the decorative techniques, to achieve their desired decorative effect. 

The difference between seamless wall fabric and wallpaper 

Strictly speaking, seamless wall is a form of wall paper, like a colorful pattern and color; the difference lies in the texture of wallpaper wallpaper (home renovation supplier) is better than seamless, because ten is the use of natural material, after special surface treatment, the texture is soft and comfortable, and texture more natural. Color more flesh, give people a warm feeling. 

Wallcloth good or good wallpaper 

This problem is each one according to his lights; objectively speaking, ten not only has the same environmental characteristics and wallpaper (building materials manufacturer China), but also very easy to update, and has sound absorption, sound insulation performance, but also fire, mothproof, also very naicaxian. Ten own flexibility, non-toxic, tasteless and so on, make it more suited to survey people in the living room or dining atmosphere, but also more suitable for paving in the children's living room or in the elderly. 

Integrated seamless and wallpaper and wall covering wallpaper or two aspects, ten is better than wallpaper (home decoration materials supplier) to a certain extent; but this is not absolute, some people love others love wallpaper wallpaper. The most critical thing is to see their friends prefer to use what kind of decorative techniques to create their most desired decorative effect.