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Living room furniture color geomantic omen

  • Release on :2017-10-19
Sofa, coffee table, seat These are important furniture in the living room, choose a different style, different colors of the living room furniture on the living room decoration and geomantic omen have a different impact. Generally speaking, the living room furniture color by the living room orientation, different directions of the living room to choose different colors of furniture. So, the living room furniture, what color is good? Pick the living room furniture, what geomantic omen pay attention to it?

First, the living room sofa (building materials supplier China) color geomantic omen
Living room sofa color is not only personal favorite, but also selected according to geomantic omen. Living room sofa color bogey mahogany plus marble, these are chi is particularly strong material, coupled with the fire red wood color, over time, non-dispute will be endless, physical and mental not peace. If the use of yang of the material, such as yellow, gold, purple, etc., but also for the director of Lucky fortune.

Second, the living room coffee table color geomantic omen
According to their own well-known choice for their own coffee table color, so that it can make the coffee table geomantic omen become good, so that the living room geomantic omen has become very good, so you can let their fortune transshipment.

The coffee table can be used in green; happy soil of the people, can choose the yellow series; hi fortune, white coffee table is a good choice; hi fire fortune, the coffee table can choose purple, red series; People, coffee table color can choose blue, black series.