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Teach you how to maintain wooden doors in summer

  • Release on :2017-08-18
Wooden items are thermal expansion and contraction, the summer is getting hot, the doors are easy to deformation, ecological door, wooden door (China solid wooden door supplier) to the summer, different degrees of cracking, deformation and paint etc "heat" phenomenon. 

It is reported that this is because of natural wood in the process of growing unevenly, with climate change in the process of using, plus some inferior sealer can effectively isolate the air into the wood fiber channel, wood will absorb moisture in the high humidity in the air, producing the change of internal and external stress caused by deformation and cracking. 

The expansion coefficient of wood products will be obvious when the temperature is high, and consumers can prevent heatstroke by simply maintaining the wooden door"(China wood door supplier). For example, the use of protective wax or special cleaning agent evenly on the surface of the wood door, then gently wipe to maintain its luster and moisture, while in the hot weather, try not to directly use with water to clean cloth, in the corner, the choice of some of the moisture absorption box and activated carbon desiccant products. 

In addition, the room also timely removal of moisture, often use the ventilator and ventilation and ventilation, indoor plants can be placed in the living room or balcony, don't put near the door, in order to avoid watering when Water Leakage, causing the ground such as wood flooring foam,causes the wooden door(building materials supplier China) to be unable to close.