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Do you know the little secret about the cupboard?

  • Release on :2017-06-19
Cabinets, as an essential part of modern kitchens, determine our sense of comfort in our daily routine. Good cabinets, easy to use, easy to follow, stylish and generous, let us cook in the kitchen when the mood more cheerful. There are some things that need our attention when installing.

First of all, we should consider how much power the home appliance should use, and whether it should be placed in those places. Is it convenient to use? Is it suitable for our own habits? These should be considered before installation.

Then, we have to install the kitchen panel in advance, and the wall water circuit reconstruction hidden pipe position marked, so as not to install hit the pipeline. In addition, to check the gas pipeline, cleaning the ground and wall sanitation.

Third, the installation in the kitchen floor tiles, wall tiles paving is completed, after the completion of the water transformation can be carried out, if the kitchen walls are hollow wall to inform the cabinet manufacturers, because the hollow wall cannot be installed Diaogui, the construction team need to install tools related to prepare in advance.

Finally, it is important to check whether there is any leakage or leakage, which is particularly important because of the safety of our lives!

So, how do we choose the right cabinet? best kitchen cabinet brands 2017 of CBMMART can help you!