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High temperature and humidity in summer, wallpaper wallpaper skills

  • Release on :2017-07-18
Wallpaper wallpaper is most afraid of plum rains season, so for wallpaper (home renovation supplier ) moistureproof problem, what should we pay attention to? Wallpaper moisture-proof from the decoration when the above began to grab it? We laid a good foundation in the early stage, the real thing is all OK? Wallpaper is mainly wallpaper or wallpaper materials, construction specifications and late maintenance related, take a look at it. 

Keep the walls dry 

Metope must remain dry, new cement construction usually needs maintenance 20 days to 40 days, only then can carry on wallpaper (China Home appliance supplier) paving. It is worth noting that the decoration should pay attention to don't let the non-standard construction would not fit into the sand wall paint. Owing to the high salt content, easily absorbing moisture, for later buried "flood wall". 

Before putting up wallpaper (building materials manufacturer China ), you need to process the base surface first. If the second-hand housing renovation, the walls of the gap must be filled, otherwise easily hollowing wallpaper. 

Pay attention to the quality of paving 

Three points, materials seven points project, in the wall shop wallpaper, pay attention to small details, can achieve better results. 

There is usually a variety of patterns of wallpaper, paving time must pay attention to whether there is a large gap between the two wallpaper are aligned mosaic. In addition, when paving, watering and so on will damp wallpaper, after drying will have a certain contraction, should leave good telescopic. Wall contraction joints, as far as possible not to open, facing the tuyere. 

Summary: choose friends packed with wallpaper, mostly taking into account its beauty, in order to give full play to its advantages, we can do a lot before and after the decoration. With all this, we can have beautiful walls.