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The summer floor should be damp proof for summer

  • Release on :2017-06-28
Into the summer, the scorching sun, hot. In this case, the most common problem with wood flooring is the contraction of the seam. Ms. Li recently found that the bedroom near the window of the five or six floors appeared cracks, consulted experts, only to know that the curtain did not close during the day, the strong sunlight caused by direct flooring (China building materials manufacturer).

In the high temperature state, the moisture inside the wood is easy to volatilize, which causes the volume of the floor to shrink, so that the gap at the floor splice is widened, and even more, it will cause the entrance and exit of the door to split and crack. Even turning on the air conditioner is of no avail. Because the air conditioning is equivalent to a dehumidifier, a long time using air conditioning to blow the floor ( home renovation supplier) can also cause the floor to dry and cause shrinkage problems. Summer, the floor of a big "killer" is the sun exposure, and close to the balcony or window side of the floor after being exposed, often from the seam, the film will bubble, discoloration, or even out.

First of all, if the wood floor installation home, someone must stay, if it is not immediately move, also to keep the indoor ventilation, ventilation and heat dissipation; secondly, the home air try not to blow against the floor, if you feel the indoor (China building materials factory) dry, can make the appropriate humidification; finally, the owners on the go the curtain should be good, do not let the sun direct exposure to the floor.