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Home decoration wallpaper workers do not like this equipment, you immediately stop!

  • Release on :2017-06-02
Wallpaper embodies the overall style of a house, so wallpaper is very important. Good wallpaper can refer to China building materials factory or home renovation supplier.Before paving the wallpaper, be sure to keep the walls dry and the walls must be kept dry and tidy. Water should be less than 6% before the construction, the PH value is less than 9, the wallpaper should also be appropriate to pay water, autumn and winter environment is relatively dry, so after buying the wallpaper must be sealed to save, before use to open, shop Before the first should be placed in the water soaked into the wallpaper "replenishment".

And so the natural dry wallpaper, a lot of people think that the window so that wallpaper ventilation, it is really make the wallpaper a little faster, but to do so, the wallpaper will quickly lose water shrinkage deformation, the best is to let the wallpaper naturally dry, In the room only to keep a small amount of wind for air circulation.

In the formal paving before, through the test stickers to inspect the walls are affordable pavement, as usual, the first to try to paste a couple of volumes, and so 24 hours to be swept through the inspection effect, if there is no problem before the case can be paste works.