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How do wallpaper changes to tear out old wallpaper?

  • Release on :2017-08-17
With the trend of the times and the change of aesthetic style, the original decoration most owners are not satisfied, many owners for fear of trouble just to change the wallpaper (home renovation supplier), but how to tear up the wallpaper it is a very troublesome thing. 

First, peel off the wallpaper surface and spray the warm water onto the paper base with the sprayer. Soak the wallpaper (build new house solution) and soften the adhesive. It is usually more than 2 hours. Check wallpaper, base and wall can be successfully stripped, if possible, you can remove. Use sand paper to clean the wall of wastepaper. Look at the wall whether cracks and potholes, remove attachments. Treatment method with coating wall. 

If the old wallpaper construction is useful basement membrane, the procedure is more simple, direct knife cut a small corner, you can easily tear down the old wallpaper (building materials supplier China). If it is pure paper non-woven fabrics, non-woven paper directly on the top with an aerosol spray, more than a few times can spray. This wallpaper is easily removed, but also to remind you that some wallpaper, you do not mind, you can directly put new wallpaper on top.