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What kind of material is better for bathroom cabinet?

  • Release on :2017-09-15
Particleboard / wood particle board / MDF: Although the name is not the same, but the basic is wood crushed into particles of different sizes, adding glue after pressure is made, furniture with more glue for good quality, edge sealing well, formaldehyde emissions will be very low, long service life.

This board used in the bedroom or kitchen is generally not a problem, but in the bathroom there is water vapor, intermediate wood particle and glue whatever will be void, long-term work in the environment of high temperature and humidity, moisture intrusion, there will be a long time of hollowing deformation.

Multilayer solid wood plate: a step forward than the grain version, is a stream of particleboard, multi-layer solid wood paste made of the high pressure horizontal and vertical, horizontal and vertical cross paste to improve the mechanical strength of the material, the strength is higher than that of unidirectional fiber solid wood bathroom cabinet, most have chosen this material made of solid wood, but still need to pay attention to water vapor, careful maintenance.

When the paste made of solid wood multilayer to use a certain amount of glue, if not glue environmental or excessive amount, there may be some formaldehyde release, but on the whole, formaldehyde emission particle board and solid board in between.