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Does wallpaper color affect mood?

  • Release on :2017-07-27
With the rapid development of high technology, all kinds of colorful, functional and humanized new wallpaper (Home improvement supplier) have been developed. Wallpaper beautification and convenience of many modern families, at the same time, wallpaper color on the emotional impact of the problem is also highlighted. How much influence does wallpaper color have on mood? 

Some foreign aesthetics experts pointed out that wallpaper (China building materials supplier) color can affect the human endocrine system through vision, which leads to the increase or decrease of human hormones, and then have an emotional and psychological impact.

Warm colors and bright colors have an activating effect on people's mood. They are suitable for use in restaurants and living rooms, so that they can ease nervous nerves at home. Cool color and brightness lower color, can make people concentration, emotional stability, suitable for use in the study. Elegant green, mysterious purple, bright yellow, rich red, romantic pink, because the restaurant, living room, study, their use is not the same, the best choice of different color wallpaper. 

Indoor furniture, fabric color and wallpaper (home renovation supplier) of the main tone of harmony, and can not conflict. As the main color is red wallpaper, furniture, fabric color is best not to appear too much blue and purple, and should use the same color or color, in similar color with red color, it feels very not harmonious. The best for the same space in the furniture and fabric showed a single plain tone, with a simple to deal with the scene, so as to build a harmonious and beautiful visual experience Home Furnishing realm.