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small-sized apartment should be paid attention to these in the decoration

  • Release on :2018-02-07
The decoration of small-sized apartment is a comparative test of designers, so how to make the house look simple, spacious and without losing the sense of quality at the same time? The Nordic countries are located in high latitudes and lack sunshine for a long time. Therefore, they attach great importance to the construction of color and light, and also emphasize the natural color of the material. The whole house is run by a lot of wood, not only the floor, but also the kitchen color and furniture products. It is warm and smooth, and is equipped with enough lighting, not excessive decoration, returning to the natural exterior of the object, so it is worth learning from the small apartment. Emphasis on the sense of space, by this stack of refreshing and comfortable visual feeling, simple to give space free and open style.

The decoration of small house has the following key points.

The configuration of household appliances should be perfected. Small apartment decoration is perfect, but also whether the selection of household appliances can improve the quality of life. As an indispensable household appliance, household appliances have become an important symbol to measure the level of home modernization.
Use a mirror to make illusions. Mirrors are "deceptive" and can "increase" space visually.

The layout of strong and weak electricity should be thorough. The small family space is small, but the "five zang organs are all". The occupants are mainly young people, highly dependent on computer network and more casual lifestyle. Therefore, the small apartment has a high demand for circuit layout. In the decoration, we should take full consideration of the use of various needs, rather than less, to avoid the embarrassment of insufficient interface when the later furniture and pattern change.

The wall is mounted on a shelf. Try to put the shelf on the wall, not only to receive daily necessities, but also to make the space lively.

The condition of limited space, the design should understand "adds", the effect will be better. For example, the overall decoration should be simple, to do "subtraction", but in the lighting match, it should be a little thought, combination lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, table lamp and other lamps.

Make full use of the height drop. Although it is a small room, but if you can have LOFT like high ceilinged space, is a good thing, the space is divided into two parts, enjoy the charm of castles in the air.

Furniture to light. The style and size of furniture directly affect the sense of space. The furniture with simple shape, light texture and small size, especially those which can be assembled at will, dismantling and receiving, is more suitable for small type. The other principle of placing furniture in small Huxing residence is to develop as far as possible. For example, choice of 118600 feet high, elevation of the bed is a very good storage space.

Color should be expansionary. Small Huxing bedroom, generally choose light color, intermediate color as furniture, bed, sofa, curtain and other keys. These colors can give the living room a fresh, bright and spacious feeling.

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