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China Building Materials Factory, China staircase railings supplierChina Building Materials Factory, China staircase railings supplier

China Building Materials Factory, China staircase railings supplier

  • Modern design! Stairs stairs
  • Interior stairs
  • 1.Customized
  • Taste clear
  • Unique pattern
  • 4.elegance 

Technical Specifications:

1) Tread: Length 700mm-1000mm Thickness 50mm-200mm

2) Go: 160 mm -200 mm

3) railings: diameter 20mm-50mm high 800mm-1200mm

Material: white stainless steel bar

4) handrails: diameter 50mm-100mm

Material: black stainless steel bar

5) button column: diameter 100mm-200mm

Material: stainless steel column



1) Shape optional: cover, such as L / U / Z / C / S

2) can change the color and measure for the customer. You can change the material, surface treatment, railings and so on.

3) Main material: stainless steel + PVC

4) easy to install, provide instructions.

supplier:China Building Materials Factory, China staircase railings supplier, China staircase railings supplier

Photo details:

How to choose the ideal stairs?


1) Provide your step size (L * W * H) as follows






2) Provide you with 2D design (detail and L-shaped or spiral)




3) Confirm the details and place an order




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9. Furniture (Sofa, home / office furniture, outdoor furniture, kitchen cabinets)

10. light (Indoor / outdoor lighting and LED).

11. Household equipment(refrigerator/ Oven / switch)


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